Serving N.E. Phoenix and N.E. Scottsdale Areas


Monthly and/or One Time Services: All Monthly and One Time Services are guaranteed for 30 days. If you witness a problem after one - three weeks of regular monthly service appointment, you will be scheduled for a FREE Call Back Service. If you witness a problem within one week of you NEXT Monthly Service Call, you will be scheduled for Early Service. For One Time Services, we will schedule you for a FREE Call Back Service any time within 30 days of your One Time Service.

Flea and Tick Services: Flea and Tick Treatments are guaranteed for 90 Days

Rodent and/or Snake Proofing - Workmanship Guaranteed: We cannot guarantee against changes to your property or building(s) but we do guarantee the workmanship of what we service on the property to be sound. If the critters find a new way in, other than what we serviced, we can always give to a separate quote for that service.

Home Sealing - Workmanship Guaranteed: We use a 35 Year Clear Caulk. Due to the nature of this service and the fact that homes and buildings continually settle, we cannot be responsible for future cracks and crevices that may appear down the road. If this happens, you will be charged a nominal fee to seal them if you so desire.


We accept Check (both personal and business) and Cash. If you are writing a business check, please put the name the Pest Account is under in the memo section of your check. We have a Returned Check Fee of $25.00 per each returned check. We allow only one returned check (and applicable fee) per account and then the account must be paid in Cash.

We do not accept Credit Cards at this time.

Payments for services are due on the Day of Service (DOS). We understand that the economic times we are all facing today make things difficult for everyone.

Unfortunately, we need to gently remind our customers that, as always, payments are due on the day of service. We understand that many like the convenience of Online Bill Pay. If you choose to use your Online Bill Pay, through your bank, to send payments to us, we require that your payment arrive to us prior to your service day to avoid a rebilling/late fee of $3.00.

Additionally, if you live primarily out-of-state, we require that you pay a minimum of 4 months in advance. Once you are down to one month's credit on your account, you will, again, need to send a payment to cover the next four months or more.

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